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3N/4D Kazakstan

Any trip to Kazakhstan is an opportunity to explore this beautiful country and all its unexpected destinations. It would be easy to make a trip to Kazakhstan that just stayed in the big cities. Almaty is the historical capital and the biggest city, full of tree-lined streets, cute cafes, and beautiful museums.

2N Yerevan 2N Tsaghkadzor

For nature lovers we offer to visit Armenia and have overnight in Tsaghkadzor city. This city is a famous ski resort of Armenia during winter season, located on the slopes of Mount Tanegiz, at an altitude of 1840 m, which is 10 meters below the highest ski station of French resort Courchevel. On the top point of mountain, opens spectacular views of Lake Sevan and the Ararat Mountain. 

4N/5D Kyrgyzstan

This beautiful landlocked country, formerly part of the Soviet Union is probably most popular travel destination in Central Asia. Take the chance to visit one of the worlds most spectacular countries.

4N/5D Kenya

Kenya, a beautiful country which sparks your imagination. From bustling Nairobi to the beautiful national parks full of wild animals. And from the mystical island of Lamu to the amazing lakes in the west.

3N/4D Armenia

Armenia is home to verdant valleys and rugged mountain peaks, a green capital city and a heavenly collection of medieval monasteries. Color and character in country towns contrasts modern edifices in the vibrant capital; scenic landscapes are dotted with rural churches; all enhances by Armenia's culture of hospitality. 

4N/5D Georgia

Nestled between Eastern Europe and Asia, a little-known Georgia is an adventure's gem. From the uber cool of capital Tbilisi to the quiet wildness of the mountains, there is much to uncover in this diverse and welcoming country.

3N/4D Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country full of rich culture and kind people. And of course the beautiful landscapes, fun cities and delicious food will make your visit even better.

4N/5D Armenia

Explore Armenia's rich, colorful history and undiscovered wonders with AV Best Travel. This package gives you access to all of its ancient and complex history. Armenia`s culture is rich and resilient, which makes visitors keen to discover more. The nation is blessed with lush landscapes and people offer the warmest hospitality.

5N/6D Georgia

Georgia is, definitely, one of the European- Asian countries with a friendly weather. Home for many waterfalls, game reserves, breath taking caucasus mountains, canyons and forests.

5N/6D Bosnia

This fascinating country has a deep history of being ruled and overcome by other countries and cultures. With an abundance of medieval ruins, unique towns and cities, stunning mountains, waterfalls and rivers, Bosnia and Herzegovina has plenty of major drawcards for all travellers. It’s only in recent times that wanderers have truly realised how amazing this country is.